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by Himeshika

Hey there! I am Himeshika Abayaratne. Thought of writing this blog to offer you some delicious and tried-out recipes! I am a Sri Lankan and I come from a family with super cooks! I got my cuisine interest and skills from my family, obviously! 


Me and my family background:

My family is pure Sri Lankan, so am I. I am a software engineer in profession and a chef at home and a part-time blogger! All of us in our family are foodies and used to try out various foods, either Sri Lankan or international or sometimes fusion recipes! We make different types of food at home. Sri Lankan food on weekdays and others on weekend because weekends are to celebrate! We used to have family gatherings and food takes a special place there. We make fresh, homey, healthy, family-friendly food more often and we would love to make special food items for weekend dinner times.


My culinary journey:

My interest for cooking comes from my childhood when I was a small girl! I used to take things from the kitchen and play with them, make food from my so called kitchen set. I made my first meal alone when I was schooling; a biscuit pudding for my family. Afterwards, I made many more meals for them where I could show off my cuisine skills! My dad loves my food and others too! I love watching recipes and it is one of my favorite hobbies. I watch recipe videos from all over the world and I make them (may be the original recipe or a little bit of fusion!). Starting from a simple biscuit pudding, now I am able to make a complete meal not only for my family but for a huge crowd! Therefore I thought, why would I not share my tried-out, delicious recipes with you all! So, I started my blog!


My recipe collection grows day by day. I love to try new recipes and will share my favorites with you. I love making new recipes in my style and share them with you. I hope you enjoy this blog and find recipes that will become your family favorites as well. 

Thank you for visiting my blog! Thank you for using my recipes to make your family happy. 

I would love to hear from you! Visit once again!